What in the world!?

Hey y’all. It’s K. I decided to start blogging again.

Over the course of 10 years I’ve blogged about myself, audio/visual things, art, life, love, relationships and like waves they came and went…

Not this time though.

As an extension to the weekly podcast I am doing (Speakerbox Radio on all social media platforms and SoundCloud FYI) I decided to start blogging again.

As a young professional in my late 20s, the world has changed SO much in the last 10 years. Across all boards. Politically, socially, economically, technologically, etc. And of course I have so much to say on these matters.

There has just been so much Tom Foolery in the last handful of years alone, there’s no question why I need a place to air my grievances, share my thoughts and celebrate my joys. Whynot?!

I will do my best to keep this as current and consistent as possible because hey, who knows? You guys just might be interested in what I have to say.

Stay positive, stay cool, stay true to you.

♥ K.


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